*Fangirling Because This Movie Was So Good*

The Silence of the Lambs
Release Day: February 13, 1991
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Horror
Director: Jonathan Demme
Rating: 8.5/10
Starring: Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster

     Thank you to my classmate who told me to watch this. OMG. Blood was shed... If you've been stalking my blog or you really know me, you know that I'm a: sick, twisted, demented person. I have never watched a hardcore horror film because I'm a wuss and I love crime films.
     This movie was a blend of crime and a bit of horror. The horror is really toned down and not really scary. It's more thrilling and shocking than scary. There was this psychological aspect to the movie that made it so interesting. Hannibal, Clarice, and Buffalo Bill were so complex. They all had a driving force for their actions. It was interesting seeing it revealed slowly throughout the movie.
     One of my complaints is that some of the characters had really poor diction. I couldn't make out what they said and the captions didn't show what the actors said. It was frustrating because it felt like I was missing a tiny detail.
     The story doesn't follow Hannibal around all the time. He's not eating everyone. The movie was about finding this psychopath who hunts, kidnaps, and skins girls. The FBI is involved (I mean, why wouldn't they?) and they aren't smart enough to find the killer themselves. So, the director sends this agent to an asylum, where Hannibal is being held. At first, he isn't involved in the crime. He was just meant to be interviewed. But, he's a crazy genius and figured everything out.
     It's a great story with complex and interesting characters.

Is it sick of me for enjoying this movie?

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