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Nova Series by Jessica Sorensen
Breaking Nova
Saving Quinton
Nova and Quinton: No Regrets

Series Overall Rating

          This whole series made me piss as hell. I was so angry one time that I went to brush my teeth! I was really aggravated by everyone. EVERYONE DID DRUGS. I understand that they're too high to function (Mean Girls reference-ish), but seriously...a friend/family does not push another friend/family to do drugs. After pushing, they shouldn't be the one to tell that friend/family to stop. YOU LIL' BITCH! Make up your mind!
          The whole story was on repeat. I found myself so bored by the writing and the story. The only time I ever got excited, was when people got in trouble with drugs. These people do some evil sh*t, but they make the story interesting. Dylan... Trace... THAT'S KINDA WHAT SAVED THIS STORY! With hints of Nova...
          I really hate how people kept saying that Nova is too good. She's not! She's just as messed up as everyone. She annoyed me in the first book because she was such a wuss, but I liked more towards the end.
          I do like how the author developed the setting. Calculating the days of Summer Break & Time in the Real World. The story takes place in such an innocent place at first, it's hard to imagine people doing that stuff. But, the setting in the second book correlates with the story.
          After/During reading this book, I learned so much about drugs. I learned how to take the drugs and how it feels. It scares me that the author has so much knowledge on this. Reading about the drug use pushes me to NEVER EVER use drugs.
          Even though the books are primarily about drugs, there's also themes of abusive/volatile relationships. Reading about it made me sick and angry. You should not be there taking the abuse/causing the abuse. 
          Wow, I just realized that this is such a rant and I'm preaching stuff...Whoops!
          Anyway, let's talk about their ex partners... they are sh*tty assholes who don't know how to be in relationships. The sh*tty partners should get together. They should have dumped! The relationships were so one sided. Nova and Quinton deserve better. They should not be hung up on their terrible exs! Move the f*ck along!
          The two books were dark and gritty. It plays with your feelings. When you think things are going well, it crashes and burns! There are cheesy romantic lines. It just didn't fit. It was too picture perfect to be included in the first two books. But, the characters go through such a change and that makes me happy.
          The third book... was very slow in the beginning. It really starts to pick-up at like 50%, or more. It pulled on my unicorn heartstrings. It was just so sweet. It was a great ending to the Nova/Quinton part of the series.

Dream Cast
Aaron Paul as Dylan because he has experience playing an intense character involved with drugs.
Lindsay Lohan as Delilah...the picture explains my reasons.
Kaya Scodelario because she fits the bill and looks innocent & cool
Francisco Lachowski as Quinton....HE'S HOT!-ish.

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  1. Omg, you totally captured Dylan with that Aaron Paul pic! That is exactly how I would have imagined him!! Lol! Oooh, this Francisco guy is hawwwtt. I need to google him. Lol! These books scared me. Watching Quinton waste away via the drugs was terrifying. Nova was annoying. I hated when they kept talking about their exes. Their exes didn't even seem like good people. Lol! Awesome review, Vivien! (: