New Book Tag

     If you're wondering why I created ANOTHER book tag, blame HBO for playing the same movies over and over. This book tag will be about the movie Moonrise Kingdom. I'm trying to keep the theme of survival. As usual, if you're doing this tag, link back to me.

1. Which character would you run away with?
     I would runaway with Seth from the Covenant series. I feel like if I get really tired he would drag me across the floor and not give a crap. Nice reason. 

2. Which character would keep you alive?
     Tyler MacFarlane from Stolen. He lives in the desert. He keeps Gemma alive throughout the book. Lets just hope there isn't any snakes or other poisonous stuff.

3. You're running away, what five books would you bring?
     Stolen duh; Alice in Zombieland; Origin; Love, Fortunes, & Other Disasters; Confess.

4. While you're running away, you see people that are trying to bring you back. Who tries to capture you and how do you protect yourself?
     Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern finds me and I protect myself by having Seth sock him in the face. See...Seth does come in handy!

5. Who will find you?
     I feel like the Anima Industry, the Clave, the Council, the DOD, and Valentine would team up...that's like every bad guy....

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