Breaking Nova Rant


          So, I'm reading Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen and I'm kind of irritated by what's happening.
          I really don't like how the characters are all doing 420 (Mary Juana, Marijuana, Weed, Ganja). Delilah is somewhat coercing Nova to smoke it. I'm really angry that a friend would lead another down a dark road. Nova is addicted and getting rid of it is going to be a big bitch. I'm doing my rendition of Hey, There Delilah when I was reading it. It goes as such:

Hey there Delilah
Get the f* out her room and take your nasty pot with you.
Tonight you look extra slutty
Yes you do.

So many themes! There's self harm, drug use, abusive relationships, etc.!

I really need a breather from this book. It is INTENSE! 

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