The Winner's Crime

(This review is going to lack some usual characteristics of my reviews.)

The Winner's Crime (The Winner's Trilogy #2)
by Marie Rutkoski
Read: Hardcover, 416 painful & boring pages later...
Publishing: Farrar, Starus, and Giroux on March 3, 2015

          The writing was a real let down. The first book was some-what of a nail biter, but this book made me want to punch someone. The actions and events aggravated me beyond belief. I ship this ship strongly, but it didn't work out as I wanted to. I get why she has to do that, but it still made me pretty pissed,
          I should've known this book was going to be a disappointment because the "M" in the title looks like a vagina diagram caricature. The girl is holding that sword up like it ways a couple of pounds, maybe it does, but it looks really awkward. WHAT'S UP WITH HER HAIR? It looks like a Lays Ruffles chip! The girl looks slightly confused and constipated too.
          I might've not like this book'll never guess... I'M DEPRESSED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't get into any Specialized High Schools. FML.

          Veering off topic, sorry. That vagina statement was pretty rude too, sorry 'bout that too.
          I hate how Kestrel has to play the part of a High-and-Mighty-Bitchzilla. I really liked her, but she really wasn't on my good side. She tried, but she failed.          Arin made tons of stupid decisions. Your bargaining skillz needs A LOT of help. You need to be able to bargain without people trying to get in your trousers. You're so whipped. I can't believe you made that request with Kestrel...SMH... #Where'sYourPride?
          The writing was boring and confusing. I didn't finish this book as quickly as I wanted. I really wanted to toss this book at my sister's face. Not a lot of action. The romance murdered me. The plot/story of this book
TAYLOR MOMSEN! I love The Pretty Reckless!

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