Next Reads

Gosh, I haven't done posts like this in a while! I remember why!
They're a bitch to edit 

I'll be reading this, courtesy of NetGalley. I've heard great things about this book. I have VERY high expectations. If I do like this book, I HAVE THE SECOND ONE TOO! FOR FREE!! Thanks NetGalley.

I have absolutely no idea what this book is about. Wonderful. I believed a couple of my friends read this and they liked it. I think I also recommended this to a friend. 

Again, my friends recommended this to me. A lot of them read this and really like it. Booktubers loved this. I have really high expectations, yet I feel I won't like this book because it's too mainstream. Mainstream books do not agree with me. 

I read the first book and didn't hate it. So, it's worth a try. Alex raves about this book. Looking forward to Kale Chaol...*smiles nervously*

I read parts of this book, but I felt too bad for Eleanor and couldn't continue. She has a crappy home life and gets bullied. At least try to be nice to the girl for fucks sake!


  1. great book choice!!

  2. If you're good at guessing obvious plot twists, don't be too excited for Cinder....

    1. How obvious? Right-in-your-face-you-stupid-main-character kind of obvious?

    2. Nah, just that the author keep dropping hints that if it weren't so obvious, it would have made readers guessing but it was so glaringly apparent.

    3. Gosh, I was looking forward to the book.