Forever Now Review+Interview

Forever Now (Forever #1) by Elise Sax
Read: E-pub version, 206 pages, courtesy of Xpresso Reads
Publishing: I believe it's self published, because I can't find it on November 29th, 2014.
          When Tess's mother abandons her during her senior year at high school, she must find a way to keep the secret and survive until graduation. She's surprised when Cruz, her crush and an aspiring model, moves in to help. Tess has dreams of studying in Paris, France and becoming a writer...impossible dreams without money or family. But as Tess and Cruz's relationship grows closer, Cruz will do anything to make sure Tess's dreams come true. But at what price? 

          After reading the summary, you can understand why I cried. This girl get ABANDONED by her mother! Can you imagine getting abandoned by your mother? (If you did, I'm sorry if I'm being inconsiderate and rude, I don't mean to be.) This person is supposed to be your rock. She's supposed to love and care for you. Tess doesn't get any of that. I really felt for her. I am sooooooo sorry that your mom's a bitch.

          The whole time I was thinking, "If you're smart, you're mother sucks, then why don't you call friggin' child support!" Is that what she's supposed to call? Is it child services? Either way, Tess should be with someone that can take care of her.
          The characters were very likable. It's just that, we don't get much of character descriptions/setting development. I don't know how most of them look like. I just know their genders. Cruz is hot from what I gathered, he's the only one that got a full-on description. 
          Continuing with characters, Dahlia is AWESOME. Super great friend. She doesn't give two-shits about your opinions. She's unique and weird, yet people accept her. She does such great things for Tess. Read the book to find out..... I HOPE TO SEE HER SOON.
          Cruz, omg, I read model, then 8-pack, then tan, then started drooling. I died. I just started to to think about hot models and went cray-cray. He grated on my nerves, even though I admire him for all he did. He made sacrifices to keep Tess safe, happy, and protected. He just really needs to think about his actions. Think how you'll affect someone. Does he really want to be a model, or is he just doing that for the money. You could've gotten money the Tyler MacFarlane way, but that takes like 6 years...
          I enjoyed this book, I finished this faster than my usual reading speed. This book will pull on your unicorn heartstrings LOL. The writing is awesome, the story is original, please check it out!

1. Did Emily Dickinson inspire you to become a writer? (In the book, Tess was inspired by her.)
          I've always made up stories and have wanted to be a writer ever since I can remember. No single person inspired me to become a writer, but great writers like Emily Dickinson showed me what to aspire to.
2. Can I include the part about if Forever Now was based on certain events?
          Yes. It was inspired by events in my youth, and certain scenes in the book happened to me(What happened in Tijuana & The Cookie Scene), but all in all, it is a work of fiction.
3. What was it like being a journalist in Paris, France? Did you have any difficulties?
          I loved being a journalist in Paris. I was there when a lot of interesting things were happening, such as the re-opening of Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
4. Will there be more of Dahlia in the next book? What should readers expect?
          Yes. Dahlia will be in the next two books. A lot of readers have contacted me because they were concerned about her, but I promise that her story isn't finished.
5. What is/was your favorite book?
          Oh, this is a hard one. There are literally millions of great books out there. But growing up, I would say that The Hotel New Hampshire and East of Eden had a big impact on me.
6. Any writing advice for aspiring writers?
          Absolutely! Keep writing. Nobody ever got published by quitting. And it's not all about getting published. It's more about allowing your creativity to run free and learning how to craft a story into something wonderful. Take your time and find your voice and find the right story for you. Keep writing. When in doubt, keep writing. Oh, and don't be in a hurry.
7. What was the hardest thing to write in your entire wiring career?
          Writing is hard. It's wonderful...don't get me wrong...but it's hard. Trying to make a story flow is hard work. And there's a lot of words in a book! But sometimes story ideas won't leave me alone until they're written down. Forever Now was definitely one of those stories.
8. Do you have any remedies for writing block?
          I know a lot of writers don't believe in writer's block. They continue writing until the block passes. I believe in writer's block, and I believe in the writer's muse. I get my best ideas in the shower or when I lie down in bed to go to sleep at night or when I walk my dog. I guess when the mind is relaxed, it can come up with the right answer. So, my advice would be to get up and do something mindless-like laundry or give yourself a manicure. But afterward, even if the words don't come to you, go back to your computer (or typewriter or pad of paper) and write. Don't worry if it's good or not, sometimes a writer just needs momentum. 
9. Will readers ever learn about Tess's father? Will they meet Cruz's mother?
          I would love to tell you, but that's a spoiler!
10. What exactly happened between Tess's mom and the boyfriend?
          I can't tell you because it's a spoiler, but I can tell you that it wasn't good!

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