Dead of Winter Review

Dead of Winter (The Arcana Chronicles #3) by Kresley Cole
Read: Hardcover 303 pages 

Theories Before Reading
  • 'The Lovers' were going to be Christian Grey. Like come one! "We'll love you in our own way. We'll confuse pain for pleasure." Plus this is written by Kresley Cole, an erotica writer!
  • Someone is going to die! If Jackson dies or someone that I really like, I'm gonna rage a tiny village and steal all of its gold!
  • Someone is going to go bat-shit insane.
  • Evie better pick Jack. 
  • Jack is the Emperor, because Evie's the Empress
  • Brand might be the chariot, because he gave Evie rides to school. Melissa was going to make a comeback as The High Priestess or The Wheel of Fortune
          GRR... the love triangle pissed me the hell off. Can Cole please make one of the characters ABSOLUTELY horrid, so we can all support 1 ship? TEAM JACK, NO MATTER WHAT
          Everything was really action packed! I sped through this book, it was enjoyable. But some chapters didn't have a good flow. It felt like the story had ripples and gaps. The book was too short! I wish it was like 500 pages. Goodreads said it was 336 pages, but it's actually 303. THANKS FOR GETTING MY HOPES UP! 
          The ending aggravated me. Things were getting good. Evie picked the guy I wanted. She was sure of her decision and didn't bail on the last minute. She finally mended the friendship. BUT............. SO PISSED BY HIM. WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM, I'M GONNA GUT HIM SLOWLY...
          Anyway, my poor hardcover's dust/book jacket is shorter than the book by like 2/10=1/5 of a centimeter. Add that to my list of book peeves. I feel so bad for Gabriel. Poor guy. I'm not too happy with the new covers. The book spine's font looks sub-par compared to the previous two books. It's not like bubbly/bumpy, it's printed on the cover. All flat and 2-dimensional.
              The book was enjoyable, I can't wait for the next book!

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