Pure Review

Pure (Covenant #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Read: redlibrary 57 pages
Publishing: Spencer Hill Press 4/3/12 
Genre: Urban-Fantasy, Romance, Mythology
Recommendation: YEAUXXXX, I loved this book. I need to stay on a ship. So frustrated with which people belong together!? WHY MUST LOVE TRIANGLES BE SO FRUSTRATING?!?!

          After the training from the last book, Alex was allowed to rejoin the covenant. But, things aren't that easy. She has to deal with nightmares, lack of sleep, her emotions towards two really hot guys, learning how to fight better, fighting half daimons, fighting regular daimons, and loss. Everything is unjust and unbalanced. What will she do and sacrifice for justice?

          JLA makes me happy. Her writing is freaking hilarious and entertaining.

          Seriously, I'm probably going to read EVERY book by her. I felt the need to include this song. It was in the Chanel short movie with Gisele. I seriously don't know why I put this video there.    
          Anyway, I really don't know who Alex is going to end up with. I wanted her to end up with Aiden in Half-Blood, but now I want her to be with Seth. Aiden is cold and slightly bipolar, but he cares deeply for Alex. Seth understands Alex, but he's really arrogant. They're both like SUPER HOT, buff, and they know how to fight!
          Sorry for the bad review! Like Alex, I'm having trouble sleeping. Ugh. Plus, I'm not too happy with that Mason from VA in the end of Frostbite moment and I can't find Beautiful Disaster. But, I did get excited when JLA included agapi. A language that know one understands. Daemon saying something in his native tongue to Katy.....Catching my drift? 

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