Half-Blood Review

Half-Blood (Covenant#1) by: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Read: oldlibrary.me/Half-Blood 47 pages
Publishing: Spencer Hill Press 10/18/2011
Genre: Urban-Fantasy, Romance, Mythology
Recommendation: Yeshhhh!! It's Percy Jackson meets Vampire Academy. 

          Seventeen-year-old Alexandria (Alex) Andros is a rule-breaking half-blood. Her mother took her away from the Covenant three years ago. Now, she's back with the tag from a daimon, emotional scarring, the experience of killing two daimons, and a lack of fighting skills. She has the choice of living with her step-father or rejoining the Covenant to be a Sentinel. With the vote of other sentinels, she begins training to enter the Covenant. She trains with gorgeous, manimal Aiden. Together, they face nasty rumors, the death of old foes, and a new acquaintance. While fighting their forbidden feelings for each other.

          That, by far was the best summary I made! GO ME! I loved reading this book. As said on the recommendation above, this book is Percy Jackson meets Vampire Academy. Which isn't terrible. It's actually a pretty great combination. But, I found myself knowing what's gonna happen. But, I didn't anticipate that to happen this early in the series. I would've thought that revelation would be revealed a little later, but I was right about it nonetheless.
          The writing in the book is great! I love how the author had her little spin on Greek Mythology and went with it. The history of everything is really clear. The dialogue in this book made me crack up. (Look at screenshots below!)

Chal enge is challenge, it's like the site doesn't support double l's.
          To my character analysis:
          Alex is a freakin' cool-ass-bad-ass. A really fun/funny person. She doesn't take your shit and will beat the crap out of you, when needed. She's reckless but not stupid. 
          Aiden is such a patient dude, but he doesn't take your shit either. He kinda reminds me of Cole Holland, physical ability and a bit in the appearance description. At times, I really wanted to slap him in the face. But, he was only trying to protect Alex's feelings and stopping her from being her reckless self.
          Caleb is such a great friend. He provides some sort of comic relief in many situations. He's such a supportive person and a helpful person. I thought he was going to be Simon in his Clary relationship with Alex. (I still think he is! Or he'll be Mason'd from VA. Hopefully not Mason'd!)
          Jackson is one sick, drunk, perv. Lea is a bitch, but I think she's gonna become friends with Alex in the future books. That's how arch-nemeses work! Lucian is making his way to be the Luke in TMI, you go Glenn Coco. Marcus isn't as douche-y as I pinned him to be. Seth is also like Jackson, one weird perv that I want to slap. But....nothing..... I still don't like him. P.S. Rose-Lissa. If you get my reference!       

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